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Integrated Arts

The integrated arts program includes the whole school. K-5 students get to participate in artistic projects centered about include math, literacy, culture, and other subjects!

Projects students have completed include The Four Seasons, The Water Cycle, Cake and Pizza Fractions, Geometry City, Array City, Spray Paint Continents, and Solar Systems.

Instrumental and Vocal Music

The Music department consists of vocal/general music and instrumental music.  

The Instrumental music classes learn through the elements of music throughout the year.  We learn beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, and  timbre.  The students are learning these elements through exploring their instruments.  The students have been working with Orchestra instruments, recorders, and xylophones. The older students 3rd -5th grade have been learning through large ensembles and the younger students Kinder-2nd grade have learned instruments in small groups.  All students learn to respect all aspects of music and the cultures the music comes from.

Vocal/General: Kindergarten & 1st Grades are working on Intro to Rhythm, using rhythm words, such as “ice cream”, “holi-day”, “pi-zza”. 2nd Graders are working on introduction to Solfege, learning how to sing on pitch and on the accurate note. They will learn the solfege song and compose a solfege rhythm of their own. 3rd Grade students will start to learn how to play the recorders, and how it relates to understanding the notes on the treble clef.

4th & 5th Graders will be introduced to tika-ta’s, and ta-tika’s, which will then lead to our composition unit.

Visual Arts: 

More information coming soon!