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Visual Arts

Visual Arts explores different materials that artists use to express themselves and create their artwork.  We look closely at the artwork of the past to gain ideas for artwork we would like to make ourselves. Students manipulate and use the materials to create artworks and we photograph our finished work and publish them to an online gallery.  Throughout the year, each class learns different techniques and make their own creative choices on how to use the materials.

Instrumental and Vocal Music

Music class at Knapp Elementary is where we learn about all things musical! Instruments, singing, dance, expression through music, composition, ensemble skills, and cultural importance are just a few of the many topics we touch upon through music classes. Some of the elements of music we learn throughout the year are beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, and  mode.  The students are learning these elements through active listening and instrumental and vocal expression. The older students will work with ukuleles, recorders, drums, and mallet percussion. The youngest students are introduced to all aspects of music through singing, movement, song games, and exploration of the many percussion instruments we have at school. All students learn about the creation of music as a form of expression and to respect all aspects of music and the cultures the music comes from.