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Student Support and Intervention

Knapp subscribes to the belief best illustrated in Haim Ginott’s quote: “To reach a child’s mind one must first capture his heart. Only when he feels right can he think right.” With that perspective we practice Restorative Justice and Non Nonsense Nurturing.

To fully support our students we have a full time staff member whose sole responsibility is to support students resolving conflicts with a Restorative Approach to Justice. We also have a full time school counselor to help students learn new skills to increase their effective communication of desires and needs.

Our general education teachers along side our teachers of students with special needs have dedicated themselves to supporting every student at Knapp regardless of their needs. Through a project called Compact Blue we are members of a cohort of schools dedicated to implementing Inclusive Practices, where we engage in collaborative professional learning to build on best practices from our peers across the district and using models from throughout the nation.