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Character Traits


  • Acting in a way that shows you care about and show consideration for yourself, for others, for our school, and our community.


  • Doing what you know you are supposed to do – coming to school on time, being prepared (wearing your Knapp shirt, having your homework completed), acting in the way that you know you are supposed to here at school and at home. Also, when you make a mistake taking the time to say that you made it, trying to fix it, and accepting the consequences.


  • Thinking about what another person is feeling or experiencing, even if you have never had that same experience. Seeing with another’s eyes, hearing with another’s ears, feeling with another’s heart.


  • Working together with others to make the group better. Recognizing that making the group better makes us all better. (i.e. bigger pie, bigger slices for all)


  • To keep working at something, even when it is challenging. To continue to try your best.


  • Showing caring towards others. Thinking about others and showing them that you care about how they feel.


  • Trust that continuing to work on something will pay off. Accepting with a positive attitude that you have to wait for some things.


  • Sort of all the rest of the character traits combined. Doing the right thing – even if nobody else is watching.