*The bookmobile is scheduled to make summer visits to Knapp Elementary every Tuesday from 11:30-1:00 beginning on June 12th and ending on August 7th.

500 S Utica St, Denver, CO 80219
Phone: 720-424-6130 | Attendance:720-424-6160 | Fax: 720-424-6155


Name Title Department Email
Albin, Sierra Teacher sierra_albin@dpsk12.org
Antonson, Marlane Paraprofessional
Bailey, Lauren Teacher/ Teacher Leader , LAUREN_BAILEY@dpsk12.org
Bailey-Martinez, Cynthia Teacher cynthia_bailey-martinez@dpsk12.org
Baker, Sharon Teacher sharon_baker@dpsk12.org
Belrichard, Amy Nurse amy_belrichard@dpsk12.org
Bentley, Brandy Physical Therapist brandy_weber@dpsk12.org
Broers, Hans Paraprofessional
Burgeson, Heidi Teacher HEIDI_BURGESON@dpsk12.org
Camalick, Amanda Teacher amanda_camalick@dpsk12.org
Clark, Heidi Teacher heidi_clark@dpsk12.org
Creps, Amanda Teacher amanda_creps@dpsk12.org
Eckes, Hilda Teacher hilda_eckes@dpsk12.org
Elizondo-Rios, Mariza Teacher mariza_elizondo-rios@dpsk12.org
Emmons, Jeanne Teacher JEANNE_EMMONS@dpsk12.org
Field, Katherine PE Teacher katherine_field@dpsk12.org
Flores, Pat Paraprofessional
Foley, Angie Teacher angela_foley@dpsk12.org
Garcia, Francisca Secretary francisca_garcia@dpsk12.org
Gonzalez-Favela, Tomasa Lunchroom Manager
Gregory, Carolyn Paraprofessional
Gregory, Stephanie Paraprofessional
Grommeck, Nicole Assistant Principal nicole_grommeck@dpsk12.org
Guereca, Lidia Paraprofessional
H, Colby Therapy Dog
Hartmann, Karen Speech/Language Therapist karen_hartmann@dpsk12.org
Heller, Angela Teacher angela_heller@dpsk12.org
Herald, Roberta Secretary roberta_herald@dpsk12.org
Hernandez de Wilson, Imelda Teacher imelda_hernandezdewilson@dpsk12.org
Jensen, Amy Teacher , amy_jensen@dpsk12.org
Kaminske, Christine Music Teacher
Knight, Shane Principal shane_knight@dpsk12.org
Konrad, Chris Counselor christopher_konrad@dpsk12.org
LeBrun, Kerry Teacher
Lechuga, Celia Paraprofessional
Ledezma, Regina Paraprofessional
Lerma, Alicia Paraprofessional
Lopez, Gilbert Head Facility Manager gilbert_lopez@dpsk12.org
Lucini, Lele Teacher LEDA_MANNING@dpsk12.org
Marine, Michelle Early Childhood Special Educator michelle_marine@dpsk12.org
Martinez, Valerie Teacher valerie_martinez@dpsk12.org
Martinez, Matthew Part Time Facility Manager
Michor, Kathleen Occupational Therapist kathleen_michor@dpsk12.org
Miera, Ann Teacher ann_miera@dpsk12.org
Murphy, Keith Business Manager keith_murphy@dpsk12.org
Nuñez, Jessica Paraprofessional
Ortiz, Karyn Teacher
Palacios Aguilar, Monica Teacher monica_palaciosaguilar@dpsk12.org
Pauda, Ana Paraprofessional
Perry, Jess Visual Arts Teacher jessica_perry@dpsk12.org
Plesko, Marlene Teacher marlene_plesko@dpsk12.org
Ramirez, Abby Teacher abigail_ramirez@dpsk12.org
Sabatte, Rosario Teacher Maria_Sabatte@dpsk12.org
Sandberg, Karen GT Teacher Karen_Sandberg@dpsk12.org
Sarabia, Rebeca Paraprofessional
Schilling, Mara Teacher
Schreyer, Suzanne Technology Teacher suzanne_schreyer@dpsk12.org
Sereno, Misty Teacher misty_sereno@dpsk12.org
Simmering, Kevin Teacher kevin_simmering@dpsk12.org
Sinex, Rachell Speech/Language Pathologist rachell_sinex@dpsk12.org
Smith, Kim Teacher kim_smith@dpsk12.org
Sotelo, Lorraine Paraprofessional
Spears, Kelsey Teacher KELSEY_SPEARS@dpsk12.org
Stoecklein, Alexandra Psychologist alexandra_stoecklein@dpsk12.org
Taggart, Rebecca Teacher rebecca_taggart@dpsk12.org
Torres, Olga Paraprofessional
Townsend, Elizabeth Teacher elizabeth_townsend@dpsk12.org
Udelhofen, Alice Teacher alice_udelhofen@dpsk12.org
Vargas, Rocio Teacher rocio_vargas@dpsk12.org
Ventura, Estherrose Teacher estherrose_ventura@dpsk12.org
Vigil Jr, Albert Facility Manager
Webster, Rebecca Teacher rebecca_webster@dpsk12.org
Wiggins, Zwilda Teacher zwilda_wiggins@dpsk12.org
Wolf, Susan Paraprofessional